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Gabriel Porras dubbing Michael Caine

Gabriel Porras dubbing Michael Caine (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels)

Audible - The Other Americans Audiobook

Excerpt from audiobook read by Gabriel Porras

Tate Modern/Antenna Audio – Frida Kahlo

Exhibition audio guide

Minute Maid - Love in every minute

Broadcast in UK for product launch

Hey Duggee – Animation character voice

Broadcast by BBC Worldwide

Doritos – A bag of simple pleasures

Agency pitch for UK market

PokerStars - Danza con Boris Becker

Broadcast across Latin America

BBC Two – Mexico: Earth’s Festival of Life

Broadcast in UK, distributed on iPlayer and iTunes

Sky Sports F1 - Mexican Grand Prix

Broadcast in UK

Bacardi - Untameable

Broadcast in Australia

Old El Paso - Tortilla Pockets

broadcast in UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Finland, Australia, New Zealand

DocTour - Promotional video

Online worldwide

The Evolution of Technology in Formula 1 - Spanish

Broadcast across Latin America

Hasbro – The Hulk action figure

Official toy voice for The Hulk in Spanish markets

Mobil 1 The Grid – El hogar del automovilismo

Broadcast across Latin America

Wall’s – ¡Los Scoops ya están aquí!

Broadcast in Mexico

Lynx/Axe – Muchas Maracas

Broadcast in UK

Johnnie Walker – Androide

Broadcast across Latin America

NBC - NBC Universal en Youtube

Broadcast across Latin America

Gillette - Cabalgata Deportiva Gillette

Broadcast across Latin America

Twig Films - Educational videos

Distributed to schools in USA


Sony PlayStation 5 - Launch campaign

Broadcast online, across Latin America and Spanish-speaking USA

Pokerstars - Meeting

Broadcast across Latin America

Old El Paso – Gluten Free Soft Taco Pack

Broadcast in UK, Scandinavia, Australia and NZ

PokerStars – Somos Poker

Broadcast across Latin America

WWF – Importance of the High Seas

Aired online

Westin – Un Hotel Mejor para Sentirse Mejor

Broadcast across Latin America>

Spribo - Cómo funciona Spribo

Aired online

Latin America Poker Stars - LAPT

Broadcast across Latin America

DAZN - Paga on Demand

Broadcast across USA

PokerStars - Poker Face

Broadcast across Latin America



True Lies - TV

A change of pace and rhythm: a TV trailer for a famous Arnold Schwarzenegger film: True Lies, the best performance ever by the Governor of California, with scintillating help from Jamie Lee Curtis:

CFM Jet Engines

Another classy commercial, for jet engines capable of completely obliterating the hairdo of any beautiful woman... CFM...what "Fear of Flying"? None whatsoever!

Solero Ice Cream

The "smooth and sexy", "chocolatey" tone for Solero Ice Cream (imagine it melting in your mouth...):

Toyota Celica

So, before I get my beautiful hair in a mess, I'd better climb into my Toyota Celica: "I am a prisoner" (ever since the day I got married!)


Sedal Shampoo

Back again with the warm, friendly delivery, to promote a new shampoo range (personal hygiene is such a civilised thing!): Sedal Shampoo, "for the hair of beautiful women" (and for all of us uglies as well, please!)

BBC Radio 4 - Book reading

And finally, a soothing book reading, introduced by Paul Gambacini on BBC Radio 4: Santa Evita (a saint to dance a tango with...)


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