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    Looking for an inspiring, sophisticated voice with hints of Latin silk?

    You just found it!

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    The echoes of a voice without frontiers

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    Gillette - Cabalgata Deportiva Gillette

    Broadcast across Latin America

    Latin America Poker Stars - LAPT

    Broadcast across Latin America

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    Audible - The Other Americans Audiobook

    Excerpt from audiobook read by Gabriel Porras

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    The art of voicing

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    Find Inspiration

    Decode the text
    in detail
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    Listen to the culture

    Anchor your reading of the text in the environment or context in which people will hear it
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    Get the message across

    Let your voice breathe life to each word
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    • Rick Devon

      Founder / CCO Grey Matter Group

      I think your voice was perfect for the project and I'm very happy with the end result. Thanks for pouring your talent into such an important assignment.
    • Lizet Vásquez

      Psychologist and Voice Artist

      You deserve all the accolades, Gabriel! You are very talented, and a great human being. Congratulations! I celebrate with you!
    • Stuart Poltrock

      Sound Engineer and Producer at Soundpost Studios, Grand Rapids MI

      My editor friend says you’re a “rock star” voiceover, and I agree. Your smoothness and clarity make the editing easy, and that’s a blessing!
    • Neal Glanville

      Pastor and Musical Director at King's Church London

      Gabriel - I didn't think you could be any cooler...then this!
    • Leticia Tinoco

      TEDx Speaker Analyst in Nonverbal Communication from Heritage University Voice of the largest telecommunications company in Ecuador

      This is magic! How cool to see you like this! Your voice and you have power!
    • Ernesto Zárate

      Voice talent, Events, Arts & Tourism Specialist

      May your voice continue to touch hearts, be the eyes and imagination for those who cannot see or read...may it continue to give light and hope to those in need of empathy, positivity, faith, love and warmth. For our voice, our essence, brings smiles.
    • Jorge Santos

      Voice talent, Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur

      That voice is imprinted in the memory of everyone who grew up loving sport!!!
    • Juan Villorro

      Writer, Autor and Journalist

      ...we find in your voice the intelligent tone of one who truly understands what he reads and conveys the emotions without the slightest exaggeration, letting the language itself make the listener feel.
    • Isa Junca

      Actress and Director of A Voz Academia www.avozacademia.com

      You are a ray of sunshine, Gabriel... It's a great honour and pleasure to have you on board
    • Andrew Wilson

      Writer and Theologian

      Gabriel, This is absolutely wonderful. It’s amazing to me how richly and evocatively you bring the words to life - yours is truly a remarkable gift.
    • Professor Alejandro Madrigal

      MD, PhD, FRCP, FRCPath, DSc, HonDSci, FMedSci Professor of haematology and honorary consultant Scientific director, Anthony Nolan Research Institute

      Gabriel, you have a talent that few have. Your voice is unique, and the voice has the power to transform. Your power is unmatched. I admire your might when just pronouncing a word. Like Placido Domingo, like Pavarotti, your voice is unique.
    • Silvia Becerra

      Radio Host and Voice Artist

      You're one of those Titans that we all want to be... your work and ability to learn are extraordinary. What a joy your son will feel when he listens to your splendid stories in the unique and extraordinary voice of Gabriel Porras!
    • Cameron Micules

      Strategic Creative Marketing Leader

      Thanks Gabriel I wish I had your accent and timbre!! You sound awesome!
    • Lisa Stokke Jolly

      Bonafide Disney Queen and Eurovision singer

      Oh my gosh Gabriel you are just out of this world!!! It’s exactly what the piece needed. Instantly transported to South America. They’re all going to be blown away!
    • Nicky Mondellini

      International actress and podcaster

      With your voice and the warmth of your performance, you make any narration super interesting!!!
    • Lisa Graydon

      Award-winning Voice Artist/Singer, Voice Artist of the Year 2020

      Gabriel: I could listen to you ALL day!! You sound like a beautiful warm summer holiday…
    • Simone Fojgiel

      International voice artist, producer and coach

      ...working with a voice artist of your class, your professional standing and your good heart is, above all, an IMMENSE honour!
    • Victoria Bromley

      BBC Natural History Unit

      I am absolutely delighted with the narration. We all feel the series is going to benefit from your warm, natural storytelling…


    • Xavier Fernández

      ID Audio

      Fabulous voice, clear yet smooth and intriguing.


    • Adam Shakinovsky

      BRU Productions

      … what an absolute pleasure it was to work with Gabriel yesterday. Such a lovely man, consummate professional and he made the entire process efficient and elegant, frankly.


    • Spontaneous comment

      on YouTube

      His voice is a fountain of gold!


    • Joanna Wivell

      Sunset & Vine

      … a professional in every sense of the word, giving a seamless performance week in week out, coming to sessions warmed up and ready to go; efficient, meticulous, versatile, creative and incredibly well-prepared…giving us recordings which were rich in quality and perfect in timing and pitch.


    • Gwen Watson


      Such wonderful dulcet tones and depth of emotion. Very moving.


    • Ben Baird

      Aquarium Studios Soho

      ... an exceptional voice talent, his straight read is mellow & easy on the ear in either Spanish or English, and he can provide great character voices too, altogether a superb all rounder.


    • Sabine Jolly


      ... an extremely talented voice over artist…his warm voice, excellent read, knowledge and understanding of most subject matters make him undoubtedly our number one choice as Latin American voice in London. He also has an excellent contact with our clients which guarantees a successful recording session every time!


    • Frederic Mourgues

      Tate Films

      ... a fantastic Voice Over Artist and an absolute pleasure to work with. He is extremely talented, competent and hard working. He will always provide the best for your production.



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